World Poetry

This world is a deception,
A place of temporary inception,
Like an orphan’s adoption.
In its love lies destruction,
In its renunciation lays a clear instruction,
When a command about it says – “Don’t love it”,
Brighten your soul through these words, forever lit.
Its outside is attractive,
Its inside destructive.
Don’t make your lust for it active,
A sure shot for a mind inactive.
In this world we are a guest, a passenger, a cargo,
Just as we come, and just we go,
A fact we must always keep in the know.
Tomorrow is close to today,
Sow the seeds of the hereafter way.
Who will tell us about our next world future?
About it only images we can conjure.
Prayers are the vehicle of the soul,
From this world we pray to be delivered, whole.
Temptations are this world’s drink,
Don’t let this poison make your spirit stink.
Connect yourself to God’s peaceful link,
Indeed pure actions and kind words can save you from the brink.
Don’t adopt this world as a friend,
This world has never had any friend.
The love of this world deadens the heart,
It prevents the soul’s ascension towards heaven to start.
If this world puts you in a position of power,
Let not your mind with pride tower.
Nothing which this world gives is of any worth,
Shortly all of you and your possessions will be ground to earth.
Take service from this world,
Do not become a servant of this world.
You are a servant of God and not of this world.
Wealth, wine, woman make the world appear sweet,
Certainly in its abuse lies God’s anger and heat.
O World! Shortly I will leave you,
For an experience totally new.
My stay with you was brief,
But my love for you is the cause of my grief.
When my desires I succumbed, my soul was blotted with
many a stain,
Indeed as I realise now the depth of my pain,
I curse you, O world! From you I have nothing to gain.