Truth Poetry

Truth is light,
A powerful sight.
Shining bright,
Inspite of ignorance’s night.
In the passage of history,
Lies lessons in mystery.
Unravel them one by one,
Truth can then be revealed to everyone.
Purify your intentions true,
Let your life smell the fresh brew,
In the flow of life, we need to be woken up,
For we have been used to drink from darkness’ cup.
Truth gives life to the dead,
To faith it is the head.
There is no faith without it,
Truth is the light to make the heart lit.
Honesty begets nobility and honour,
A protection from destruction and dishonour.
An inquirer asked – “What is the TRUTH you say?”
In answer’s simplicity – “it is what refreshes your day.”
Indeed wise words refresh the mind,
Truth lies in wisdom’s find.
Truth is a “means” as well as an “end”,
Let its quest never end.
Go and find it where you can,
In its sincere search lies your nobility, O man!
Compete for truth with one another,
Not in acquiring wealth more than the other.
If in seeking truth you transgress,
Then in your soul’s heaven you regress.
Truth is honesty in speech,
No falsehood, no behaviour like a leech.
Truth is kindness, love, generosity and joy,
Like its innocent manifestation often in a little boy.
Truth is forgiveness, mercy and no anger,
Greeting with a warm smile every stranger.
Truth is humility,
Seeking from this world no felicity.
Truth is submission to God,
Saying – “I accept your will, O Lord!”
Truth is contentment,
And also asking for sins atonement.
Truth is love’s showering,
And knowledge’s flowering.
Truth is many a key,
Find it in prayer on a bended knee.
Truth does not come by chance,
Nor just by casting a cursory glance.
Be prepared to give up all,
For truth can indeed make you very tall.
Why do you with anger stretch so deeply into your lung?
When all you need is a little gentle truth on your tongue.
O seekers! The blanket of truth must cover you,
O reachers! Then it is an impossible challenge for the
garbage of falsehood to dirty you.