Time Poetry

Time waits for “None”,
One bows to the call of the “One”.
It is measured in the setting of the sun and the moon,
It’s wise utilisation leads to many a boon.
So many generations have turned gray,
But still we hear the sound, the bray.
Indeed wisdom comes not with age,
You must be willing to go through fire to be a sage.
Generations come, generations go,
O Brother! Lessons of history you must know.
Neither wealth lasts nor fame,
Only with virtue your soul gets a name.
With death nothing ends,
To another orbit your spirit the Lord sends.
The time to do good is little,
O Friend! This advice never belittle.
With the investment of kindness and love, let your time fly,
The refreshing drink of rewards will never dry.
The time for action is short,
Release your passion of righteousness and be of the blessed lot.
Let your life be not worthless,
When time loses “sense”, it beckons a life unworthy, useless.
Timelessness is not a virtue,
Let patience not be mixed with this issue.
There is a right time for everything,
Only a fruit plucked on time is a valuable thing.
When faith stands the test of time,
The Creator raises to a position sublime.
Sins, wickedness, mistakes, hurts, transgressions have blackened my soul,
O Lord of Time! Through repentance I ask you to forgive me,
complete and whole.
The history of man leaves behind many a moral,
Adorn yourself with this priceless coral.
When in heaven my soul will live,
Will I have to borrow from time to live?
NO, NO – Time gives no grace to anyone,
It is through the will of God, perfectly measured through the
movement of the sun.
O Reader! Give some time to these words,
For with the support of truth, your worries will fly like free birds.