Soul Poetry

A mystery,
Shrouded in the baggage of history!
Cannot be touched, cannot be seen,
But still some say – “his soul has sheen”.
“Sheen” is virtue, “sheen” are the deeds,
So, adorn your life with goodness’ beads,
Verily, they are your hereafter’s seeds.
Soul is strengthened by pleasant senses,
So “see” good, beautify your lenses.
How much an evil to the soul pricks,
The wise one understands the devil’s tricks.
Wear the clothes of love, kindness, forgiveness and generosity,
And rise your soul to a heavenly spirituality.
While the body remains grounded to “matter”,
Only through “virtue” and “purity” can soul rise above physical matter.
The soul which keeps moving only on earth,
Suffers the agony of many a painful birth.
The body gets strength from eating food,
The spirit gets strength in feeding food.
Scientists says – “What is the proof of the soul?”
They follow not science, drinking from blindness’ bowl.
Out of this entire Universe “whole”,
Let your soul shine, without a blemish or a “mole”.
Remove from yourself pride and the omnipresent word “mine”,
For in reality, everything belongs to God, it is “Thine”.
Engrave this philosophy and your soul will be in a condition “fine”.
A man’s brother had made great material progress,
The man took on stress and wore jealousy’s dress,
God asked him, “Who do you want to impress?
There was no answer. Jealousy makes the soul regress.
Do not crave after wealth,
Greed is bad for the soul’s health!
Fighting amongst ourselves makes our soul black and grim,
There is so much Bounty in God’s kingdom.
Gratitude is the ornament of riches,
Gratitude is the speech of the soul’s riches.
If you wish to be forgiven by God for your fault,
Then let your soul forgive your brother, anger to be kept on a halt.
This poem why I write,
So that we take lessons for our souls to shine with light.