Science Poetry

Science is a process of investigation,
Aided by the gift of intuition.
Science is the investigation of truth,
Its intent most noble and when accomplished a refreshing fruit.
To unravel the mysteries, a scientist uses his mind,
Wishing to remove man’s darkness and state blind.
Indeed, with precision the facts he must find,
And in cause and effect a theory he must bind.
When to a certain theory there is an allusion,
And the conclusion is confirmed and bears fruition,
Then, the scientists feel an elation,
And in the community there is a jubilation.
But let me state that any science in which God is excluded,
Is in fact insanity preluded.
We are not on this planet secluded,
But in fact right in the middle of God’s plan we are included.
When you eat and dine,
Don’t you wish your food be fine?
Then for a mind fresh with shine,
Drink from science’s non-intoxicating wine.