Pride Pure Poetry

You are what you are,
Someone’s words cannot make you a star.
If you wish to spiritually ascend far,
Your mind will need to perpetually rid itself of pride’s scar.
You came from a worthless sperm,
Shortly, you will mix with the dust’s germ,
So burn your pride and recognise your mortality’s term.
If to God you decide not to bow,
You are the foulest fool, the most low.
Your body, soul, wealth, power does to you not as its
creator belong,
You have not even created a fly-false is all your pride so
You do not talk kindly to the poor or weak,
What do you wish with your arrogance to seek?
Only if with humility did you speak,
Your reputation would have reached goodwill’s peak.
When you venomously spew pride’s ire,
Be prepared to torture your soul with a most tormenting fire.
So know very well, that you have to destroy the “I”
and the pride,
And walk your gentle steps with a humble stride.
If you about your weaknesses and sins with tears cried,
You will be able to distance yourself from arrogance’s pride.

A heart pure,
Does to worry many a cure.
If you wish to reach the heavens and the sky,
Then you may have to raise your purity to a
new high.
In virtue with the angels you must vie,
With truth on your lips you must die.
In repentance, cleanse your sins – incessantly cry,
The tears of your spring’s purity should not dry.
A soul pure,
A recipe for salvation sure.