Pride Poetry

What pride you have of your clothes so nice!
When your life is filled with sins and vice.
Without a greeting, so many of you lift your
head in pride,
And walk the earth with contemptuous pride.
You put on a mask too arrogant to apologise
or say sorry,
Don’t you have about your transgressions any
You attribute your achievements to yourself,
Because you continuously stand in front of the
mirror and look proudly at only yourself.
Your success has gone to your head,
Thanklessly you take for granted your daily bread.
When you are always “I”,
When you are always “my”,
Then with whom do you wish for your personal brand to vie?
His clothes are worn out and so you humiliate him,
Why do you forget that you both are made from the same Lord?
Your wit so dim.
Your self-admiration makes you overlook others goodness,
You need a heart beating with humility and more broadness.
You seek your own praise and your own glory,
In reality, it is only for the Lord that lies all praise and glory.
Only virtues can make you superior,
Do not think that with the treasures of your wealth others
are inferior.
In the books of wisdom, Satan did not bow to Adam,
His heart filled with pride, he used his evil to tempt the madam.
Pride has destroyed nations,
Pride has destroyed patience.
Pride has destroyed every virtue,
Because without spiritual food, one has only the ego to chew.
How long will you caress your ego!
Your body was born from this dirty mud not long ago.
You feel nice when someone caresses your ego,
Think again – how can someone else more about you know?