Prayer Poetry

Prayer for my Parents

O Lord! Let me give preference to their wishes over mine,
And precedence to the satisfaction of their needs over mine.
O Lord! Guard them as they guarded me,
And reward them from Thy Grace’s sea.
O Lord! Let me lower my voice for them,
And soften my conduct towards them.
O Lord! I can never repay their hard labour of love in
bringing me up,
So, repay them back with heaven’s joyous cup.

Prayer for my Children

O Lord! Make my children a blessing for me,
Make them drink from Thy Wisdom’s sea.
O Lord! Heal their faith and morals,
String them on thy priceless obediences’ necklaces’ corals.
O Lord! Increase their virtue and nobility.
Sharpen their intellect’s perceptive ability.
O Lord! Help me fulfill their needs,
And join precious pearls on their life’s spiritual beads.