Friendship is one of life’s blessings. It needs 2 to tango, it can’t be 1 sided. Friendship which is happy, hearty, & healthy is based on certain values.

There could be 4 main pillars of friendship :

# 1 ) TRUST - there must be transparency & truthfulness with each other. In an atmosphere of trust, friends feel support of each other in good & bad times.

# 2 ) HELPFULNESS - friendship must be positive & hence friends must be there to readily help when needed.

# 3 ) GOODNESS - there should be an element of purity, & goodness where friends talk well of each other even behind their back.

# 4 ) CHEERFULNESS - friends are meant to bring cheer to each other even in bad times. Through cheerfulness, friendship remains well oiled.

Friendship is a blessing,

So adorn it with values’ dressing !