Patience Poetry

Patience is the crown of faith,
Indeed a most noble trait.
Patience is to faith its head,
With it God’s armies are led.
Make it your ally in every calamity,
There will be no room for any pity.
Patience does not mean in destiny’s resignation total inaction,
It means the acceptance of recompense, submission’s action.
When your livelihood is delayed,
Let not your complaints be relayed.
When you are ill,
Exercise your patience, besides taking a pill.
When matters become difficult,
Ask from God, not the practitioners of the occult.
When family issues and property disputes become complicated,
Stay away from fraud’s temptations or else implicated.
When your beloved breaks your heart,
Adopt patience and forgiveness as your nobler art.
Control your mind’s restlessness with patience,
Control your tongue’s viciousness with patience.
Patience is a mighty might,
Its tranquility gives a calming sight.
Your desires and temptations, with patience you must fight,
Your hardships and troubles overcome with patience’s might.