Parents Poetry

Our views over time have undergone a change,
Times have made our circumstances change,
But in thankful certainty, our parents can never change.
Through the delicacies of birth,
Through life’s squalor and mirth,
It is they who have worn their parental responsibility on a shirt,
And for me their guidance they have never squirt.
For my parents I have deep respect,
In my life’s matters they have always inspect,
They pray for my happiness in every aspect,
And rid my heart of sorrow’s spect.
My parents have rights over me,
They have fed me through their kindness’ sea.
It is in life’s tree,
And in God’s decree,
And forever is my heart’s plea,
That my parents have rights over me.
In the times of my depression,
When my feelings underwent suppression,
They showed me life’s joyous impression,
Any of my heart’s deep sorrows underwent regression.
When I look in my parents eyes,
I see how deep our memories lies.
I say – “Time indeed flies,
But the depth in our ties,
Can never make its joy dies”.
For their peace, comfort and joy I constantly pray,
May they have a long life on this earth to stay.
Indeed slowly my hair will turn gray,
But for them I will forever continually pray.