Marriage Poetry

Marriage is a union,
Not a relationship with some minion.
Man and woman are clothed in each others garments,
Love is the texture of their raiment’s.
Nurture your emotions with care,
Your happenings with each other share,
Treat not this relationship just as any a spare.
You say marriage is difficult stuff,
You pass your days with a huff and puff.
Maybe the cause of your days so tough,
Is an attitude and actions which may be rough.
Your house needs to be in order,
Be prepared to cross sacrifices’ border.
You have to be prepared to give and give,
Because in peace and joy you deserve to live.
Life’s direction and marriage’s station must be based on values,
Indeed in harmony must each one fulfill their responsibility’s dues.
Marriage brings order to society,
Amongst people a source of amity.
Down-playing marriage’s importance are those views weak,
Shying away from its commitment are actions of the meek.
Marriage is right,
A source of companionship bright.
It is one of life’s pillar, not some paper so light,
It is through which future generations alight,
And God’s purpose for every fallen soul’s salvation takes flight.