Man Poetry

You are made of a piece of mud and rock,
But your creation’s mystery is still under a lock.
Your are truly a son of the soil,
Your life was destined to be a toil.
In God’s scheme, you were designed to gain knowledge and learn,
And through its application, sweat’s wages you were to earn.
You came here not by chance,
Life’s circumstances are a well orchestrated dance.
You have many tasks to finish,
But your soul’s purification is the most worthy work to accomplish.
You have not survived but through guidance’s support,
Your actions are being recorded in a report.
It is said man is ever ungrateful,
So, rise like an angel and fill your heart with gratitude and be grateful.
From other fellow men, you must recognise your needs’ independence,
Because it is only towards God that lies your eternal dependence.
“From Him we come, to Him we go”,
In this statement’s expression in submission we bow.
Our bodies are but a shell,
Their importance is only that, I tell.
The soul rises through the goodness of the body’s actions,
The soul through the medium of the body must make careful selections.
Man can chose to fall prey to his lust,
A prescription for a recipe bust.
But, with intellect’s glory he can rise above the dust,
And in an angel’s station he can reside, surely he must.
Man’s soul can rise or fall,
Only if it knew how to forget all,
Except to answer the Lord’s call.