Love Poetry

You are with one whom you love,
You spiritually belong to the one whom you love.
God has made between man and woman natural affection,
It is indeed for the mind many a cure, a healthy infection.
It is a point of deep reflection,
That a soul is called living in the hearts of those with affection.
To search for your signs of love, I do not need to look into your
I have to gaze and reflect with what brushes you have played on
your life’s art.
If your heart yearns for pure love from your beloved,
Then God is the best choice to be your beloved.
In the increasing of mutual love between man,
You need forgiveness and kindness as a healing fan.
This gentle breeze surely can,
Peace and peace spread on the earth’s entire span.
With love, every enmity will dissolve,
To spread love all around you must firmly resolve.
Love your enemies,
And destroy hatred’s armies.
Through love you become to others dear,
And achieve a status to God near,
A worthy principle with which to your life steer.
The laws of love differ from those of arithmetic,
The more you give, the more it grows – make it a habit infective.
Toward love’s grand building your life should work,
Let not distractions make your mind this task shirk.
Loving one another is half of wisdom,
Certainly this is a golden truth in God’s compassionate kingdom.