Jealousy Poetry

You crave for others belongings,
Indeed such thoughts are wasted longings.
You wish to share your brother’s crown,
Your face expressing itself through jealousy’s frown.
What others have, you wish it were your own,
Do not illusion your mind with this imaginary loan.
Your friend brought a grand, lovely home,
But still you wish that you were the owner of that dome.
Jealousy eats the soul,
As fire eats wood, complete and whole.
Jealousy destroys faith,
Reducing you to a pitiful state.
Jealousy has caused the most ugly fights,
The result has been some most destructive sights.
Jealousy destroys peace and calm,
To man’s tranquility, a perpetual harm.
So know well, that your material superiority over man has no
It is to attain a position in the court of God towards which
you must strive and leaning.
In the land’s high office he rose,
But more worthy for me are these lines of poetry and prose.