Independence Poetry

Man seeks independence,
But in reality towards God he has dependence.
Whom do you wish to rule over and have independence?
When you can be so happy in the kingdom of God’s dependence.
When you earn your bread do you call it independence?
Or towards the Giver you realise your dependence.
From the daily sustenance of our needs there can never
be any independence,
For the attainment of reward the soul needs the body’s dependence.
You seek financial independence,
Then why tie yourself down with loan’s dependence?
Does your success have independence?
Or towards your body and mind it has dependence.
Countries fought and from colonial rule obtained independence,
But from their political rulers are they free from their dependence?
From paying for his sins man wishes independence,
In submitting to His will lies eternal dependence.
How can you have emotional independence?
When for seeking admiration you have dependence.
Do you wish to attain love’s independence?
Then free yourself from the attachment to your lover’s dependence.
When thoughts’ investigation has independence,
It rids itself from superstitions dependence.
In reality, conquering your desires is independence,
And being a slave to them is dependence.