Hurt Poetry

A mean glance,
Puts you in a hurtful trance.
Verily, in life’s dance,
Don’t measure yourself by someone’s glance.
In life we are prone to hurt,
Why let someone’s meanness affect the crease on your shirt?
We are often at the receiving end of gossip and backbiting,
You heart strongly needs to fend off these hurts by
calm non-fighting.
When you are hurt, and you forgive,
Indeed in God’s pleasure long your name will live.
Hurt no one,
Your soul will shine like the sun.
When your life is done,
All your hurts will mean to you none.
O hurt one! Why is your ego so high?
Your pride needs to forgiveness buy.
When you are hurt do you avenge?
Note this – worthless is a life of revenge.
So O man! Take this clear hint,
That if you fully realise that you are only God’s servant,
Then you will not pain yourself with man’s hurtful tint,
And you will know of other things more important on this
short earthly stint.