Humility Poetry

Humility is the best dress,
Why do you wish your ego to caress?
In submission we bow,
Our position before God is low.
No use is that pride,
Where I earn God’s Displeasure in every stride.
From my past I have learnt and cried,
How I have about my over-exaggerated strengths lied!
Humility is the best dress,
Whom do you wish with your arrogance to press?
From now, a life of humble gratitude I wish to live,
To the Lord, service and sacrifice I wish to give.
The king rose from his chair,
To his courtiers he gave a haughty stare.
I say to him – “A life without care,
To the soul is totally unfair”.
Humility is the best dress,
This is a point which must be made with deep vocal stress.