Hereafter Poetry

You wish to unravel your future’s mystery through an astrologer,
Can you not see that beside God none has been your life’s lodger?
You wish to deny the life after,
Can you not see that there will be recompense for your deeds
which are on your soul plaster?
No need to unravel, no need to deny,
To reap hereafter’s rewards you must constantly try.
Every tear in repentance you cry,
Will as a proof of your purity lie.
Verily, as soon as you die,
To your body you will say “bye”
Know well, O man! That without your body, eternal rewards you
cannot buy.
Death is round the corner,
If your soul is filled with sins, you are a goner.
So, wake up before it is late,
It is in your hands to mend your fate.
With death you will not miss your date,
And as you enter hereafter’s gate,
Adorn yourself with purity raiment’s state.
Time cannot stop,
So harvest your virtue’s crop,
Because your soul needs a cleansing drop.
Those who say that the hereafter is only a talk,
I say indeed that your mind has gone for a walk.
We are all God’s flock,
Do not keep your mind under a lock,
God’s mercy needs only a wish, a heartful knock.
When you make your world free,
And when you make your hereafter free,
It is then indeed that you have made your religion free.
I prepare for the next because in it I have to live,
To my salvation prayer, I wait for God’s answer –
“To you I give”.