Healing Poetry

The body needs healing,
The disease needs a peeling.
A body in pain,
A mind which is not sane,
Makes worthless even if all the wealth of the world you
are to gain.
So turn to prayer for your healing,
And ask from God in a posture kneeling.
Your mind too needs from depression a restful healing,
So cure it by igniting hope, helping the needy and creating
in your heart a soulful of feeling.
The world too has been blessed by many a miracle maker,
They have stripped their actions of a material dealer.
To start to heal,
You will need to remove pride’s seal,
And the pain of suffering you must feel.
Eat from the honey of God’s sumptuous meal,
It is the first step to heal.
Doing medicine is fine,
But the cure also needs your supplication’s shine.
The soul needs a healing,
The falsehood needs a peeling.