Hate Poetry

It is a sad state,
When the heart is ruled by hate.
As always, God’s beauty stands,
The blame lies in your hands.
So know well that you are at fault,
Because forgiveness has taken a halt.
When in hate, love is a cure,
Kindness also for sure.
Let the warmth of your glance endure,
For of hate if you want your fellow to have cure,
Then fill your soul with love for him, pure.
Hate is a losing game,
It destroys your name,
Robs you off your fame,
By God! Only you have yourself to blame.
In the acquisition race,
Man has forgotten his resting place.
There is not time for hate,
If man recognises with God his lowly state.
Count the beads of piety,
As it will conquer the hate, most mighty.
The world has enough light,
Don’t let hate make you lose of this sight.
See in people the virtue shining bright,
Hate is never right,
Not the arguments, the squirmishes, and a useless fight.
Let your words be sweetened with love, day and night.
Don’t let mistrust, doubt and suspicion in your mind fill up,
Why do you want to fill your own miseries cup?
The suddenness of earthquakes and storms,
Resembles the emergence of man’s hateful forms.
Man indeed falls to the pits,
When jealousy, pride and greed his throat slits,
The light of love on the soul must grow,
It’s currency is its healthy glow.
Look within yourself,
You came alone and will go alone. Why hate some other self ?
Hate has no meaning,
In truth, there is no reason why your heart is steaming.
O rioter! Your heart pumps not with blood, but with hate,
Verily, your presence in this world makes sad our fate.
It is a narrow intellect’s state,
That there exists this devilish state.
So, with frustration I wish not to flirt,
And wear forgiveness’ white shirt.
O Hurt! Your speech is so curt,
You make my life sullied with dirt.
Hate comes from hurt,
Emotions with vengeance spurt.
Hate cannot be your life’s way,
Division cannot be your life’s say.
Hate has destroyed life’s peace,
Man puts man’s life on a conditional lease.
God has created you out of His Love,
Do you then have a right to others shove?
Lead a life calm,
This is said in every psalm.
Do to no one any harm,
Instead use the healing balm,
To destroy your enemies hatred through your charm.
Give up hate,
Better your fate.
For it is never too late,
To love and forgive and rise and be in soul, great.