Happiness Poetry

Happiness is much sought,
With money it can’t be bought.
Many a man has asked – “How do I it reach?
Please tell me in a clear speech.”
For this, you will need to draft an honest plot,
And make truth your life’s lot.
If with sincerity you give this a shot,
Then maybe you will hit happiness on the dot.
Happiness is love’s flowering,
And generosity’s showering.
Let not your pride of your success be on you towering,
You need humility’s flowering.
Why do you want to every hurt avenge?
Painful, stressful and sorrowful is a life of revenge.
Why do you want your recognition and status always to rise?
What you need is in God’s Heart, His recognition’s prize.
So you need to limit your material ambition’s size,
And make restful contentment with your jewelled prize.
For happiness, banish from your heart any hate,
And enter perpetual grace through love’s gate.
Happiness comes from spiritual wealth,
A sure recipe for contentment’s perpetual health.
You can’t lay a claim to happiness,
When your soul is bearing the burden of your sin’s weariness.
Through prayer and patience, wear happiness’ robe,
And seek Wisdom’s entry into your ear lobe.
In charity, service, and sacrifice, happiness is found,
The cycle of good always goes around.
A life of giving is the only life worth living,
Make your happiness alive, through these words believing.