Gratitude Poetry

In a life of gratitude,
Lies contentment’s fortitude.
Verily, if in God you have certitude,
Then for every blessing offer your gratitude.
Food and water,
Blessing from every quarter.
Do not let your thankfulness matter,
Be postponed to a time latter.
Your Bounties are vast,
My thankfulness is too little to last,
Even if in rock stones it is cast.
It is God’s intent,
That His kindness be granted to a large extent,
To one whom through gratitude has a heart which is content.
Gratitude begets riches,
Complaints need stitches.
Gratitude increases blessings,
They are the soul’s fine dressings.
Blessings come with the responsibility of fulfilling others needs,
Gratitude is put into meaning by giving to hungry mouths their
daily feeds.
Gratitude and thanks,
The foundation of virtue’s banks.
Being content with the least,
Is gratitude’s restful feast.
As I enjoy Your Bounties vast and broad,
I say in humble acceptance – “Thank you GOD”.