Gossip and Grave Poetry


I have given up gossip and laughter at others failings,
For my head bows with shame at my own failings.
What have I got to gain by talking about other people’s news?
I am too preoccupied for that. What I want to know is about me
what are God’s views.
Don’t you wish God to forgive your flaws?
Then don’t let your poisonous mouth pounce on others with
evil claws.
The goodness on earth gets destroyed when man put man down,
A sure way to earn God’s displeasure and frown.
Gossiping is a great great crime,
Destroying peace and calm every single time.
When hurt or otherwise, man resorts to backbiting,
He needs this not – destroying in his soul virtue’s lighting.
Gossip is good food for the dog,
Surely, you are not a slimy frog.
A man is hidden under his tongue,
Your speech will determine you belong to which rung.
In reality, through gossip or backbiting, you hurt no one,
When a finger you point, then your own reputation you shoot
down with a gun.
The body gets debased with debauchery,
The speech and lips get defiled with gossip’s treachery.
When you shoot down someone’s name with falsehood’s archery,
You have joined hands with Satan and on your own soul
committed treachery.


My future is the grave,
In God’s Will, I am a slave.
It is only the spiritually brave,
Who can survive the terrors of the grave.
The consequences are grave,
For those who to their desires are a slave.
In the grave, my body will rot,
Ants and worms will be my lot.
My whole life will appear naught,
Except in my records, the angels will my
good deeds sought.
The grave is lonely,
Our company will be our virtues only.
So let goodness be your goal only,
And make your grave nice and homely.