Good Deeds Poetry

Good Deeds

Sow hereafter seeds,
On life’s beads,
With the goodness of your deeds.
With faith and certitude,
Let your goodness be expressed in gratitude.
Verily it is a tender, loving attitude,
Which creates a heart of rest, enveloped with fortitude.
So, when you see a beggar give him food,
So, when you are with your family do not brood,
So, when you are with friends let cheerfulness be your
So, when you are hurt do not show an attitude crude,
So, when you do business let your fairness rule over
dealings shrewd.
The best investment is one in which duties are performed,
Only through your good actions can your weaknesses be
The book of your life must be adorned with pages of
patience’s work,
Let you be the one who has his duties not shirk.
In the shortness of your life’s hour,
Let not your goodness sour.
You need to wash clean your body with virtues’ shower,
And spread the joyful fragrance of love’s flower.
Indeed, in every excellence you must rise high, like a tower,
And with truth’s support you must wield your
God-given power.
If in tranquility you wish to live,
Others faults you need to forgive.
Let your heart be ruled by kindness,
Let your relations have permanent bindness.
Wisdom’s knowledge will perfect your goodness,
Removing from your mind doubt’s blindness.
Do not overestimate your good deeds, it is conceit,
And do not underestimate your sin’s heavy receipt.
So, with intentions, pure and whole,
Nourish with good deeds your hungry soul.