God Poetry


I understand Him not,
This deficiency lies in entire humanity’s intellect lot.
Shall I restrict Him with an attribute?
Then, with what tribute to Him can I contribute?
With Grace, my life He steers,
My soul will fully to Him nears.
Supplication and prayers He hears,
Removing man’s devilish fears.
From Him we come, to Him we will go,
In submission to Him I everyday bow.
Recognition of His Majesty means accepting that everything is
possible by God,
And this is not attainable by man even if he holds a magic rod.
Forgiveness and Mercy are His Being,
Through repentance, salvation is a means of soul’s freeing.
Our pain and sufferings are due to our own sinful acts,
He alleviates them when with our hearts these intentions retracts.
His eternality has no connection with time,
To limit Him to matter and space is for some religions a crime.
He is Unique, there is nothing like Him,
He has no match, there is nothing like Him.
To say He is a Being,
Means including Him in a created Being.
To say He is a non-Being,
Means defining him as absent, an atheist’s concept as non-Being.
So, He is a Being and a non-Being,
His description requiring double negating.
For example – He is “not non-forgiving”,
This is the best we can do to describe Him, as we are weak, a
human being.
His mastery is over all,
From His rulership He can never fall.
He is the source of all hope,
To mankind He has given a long rope.
Let there be no limit what from Him you ask,
In His acceptance does mankind bask.
He has promised that whoever takes refuge in Him,
The light of peace in his soul will never be dim.
From man seek independence,
Towards God lies your eternal dependence.
Do not be aggrieved with the world,
Against God’s Will you complain, do not self-inflict a curse with
this abuse hurled.
God is the source of your existence,
You depend on Him for every morsel of subsistence.
So if you are made of gratitude’s substance,
You will remember Him at every instance.