Forgiveness Poetry


How many of my loved ones I have hurt,
O God! Is there a way I can from my soul rub off this dirt?
If they forgive,
I will happily live.
But first I have the hurt ones to ask.
This is indeed a mighty task.
How can I remove the pride hidden in my mask?
Therefore, isn’t it best?
Not to face this tricky test.
Don’t anyone hurt,
And keep your shirt free of sins dirt.
Because asking for forgiveness is tough,
Even for the most humble it is difficult stuff.
To abstain is better than to repent,
Don’t hurt, no need to mend.
Our sins are great,
If it were not for God’s forgiving state,
We would indeed be in perpetual suffering fate.
It is due to our sins that we suffer,
Ask for His Mercy, if your pain you want to defer.
Shedding many a tear,
Makes forgiveness accepted and so near.
Like the sky so pure and blue,
Our records need to be written fresh and new.
Forgiveness is the stew,
Let humility be your brew.
Forgive those over whom you have power,
Let not your might over them tower,
Forgive every day your servant’s mistake seventy times over.
I have forgiven every single sin or hurt anyone in my life has caused
No one should face recompensation because of me.
Forgive and you will be forgiven,
A sure way on the spiritual path well driven.
Through charity forgiveness is accepted,
Don’t make your fist tight, this offer rejected.
Not to do in future we commit,
In future our sins, we must limit.
Your life’s ship you have to steer,
In repentance, keep the memories of your sins near.
To be forgiven, you have to repent,
On God’s Mercy you have to depend.
God is All-Forgiving,
Only if you repent, your soul will be called “living”.