Faith Poetry


What you believe?
Why you believe?
In whom you believe?
How much you believe?
This is faith – why hide? – wear it on your sleeve.
How weak is that belief!
Which seasonally changes and sheds its leaf.
For belief to be strong,
Walk not on the path wrong.
It is the Prophets and saints towards whom people throng,
Because their faith is firm and strong.
To lead a life of faith,
You need to purify your mind’s state.
Your mission should be heaven’s gate,
And truth should be your mate.
To lead a life of faith,
You need to empty your heart of hate,
And with love serve your family on kindness’ plate.
To lead a life of faith,
You must strive for a spiritual status great,
And eagerly wait for God’s date.
To lead a life of faith,
In virtue’s excellence you must not be late,
And choose duty as your mate.
So what is the secret to a strong faith?
It is how correctly the universal truth you have assessed and rate.
Knowledge is the crown of faith,
Patience is the head of faith,
Without these there can be no faith.
What you do seek to please God, seek from the people no admiration,
Verily, the effects of such goodness will be of a long duration.
What you see you deny,
What you know you belie,
But know O man! In your conscience the truth you cannot deny.
So lets finish our discussion with gratitude’s plate,
And say that to lead a life of faith,
God must be in your eyes the most Great,
And your soul towards him reach through honesty’s freight.