Desires Poetry


A desire is a wish,
In fact more intense than a simple wish.
When for an object you long,
It never did to you belong.
When for wealth you long,
It never did to you belong.
So as in life you go along,
You will learn that only to God does everything belong.
Material wealth is for many their desire’s object,
This surely should not be your life’s primary subject.
I say – “If this money offer you reject,
Your mind will never be deject,
Because in your life’s project,
With selflessness your soul has been inject.”
A woman’s love so many seek,
A recipe for a man weak.
In helplessness over the ages man has affection seek,
Rise above this – “You depend on no one” – you are not meek.
Since time immemorial man has sought flesh’s pleasures,
Often mistaking them for simple leisures.
Know well, that in God’s reckoning these are perfectly calculated measures,
Carrying the burden of divinely ordained punishments’ pressures.
Why allow your sanity’s defeat to your lust?
Why should you show your lowness with so much passion you thrust?
This is a sure recipe for a soul to rust,
Why have you forgotten that you were born of worthless mud?
Conquering lust,
Is tougher than breaking the tough nut’s crust,
But if you resolve that – “win I must”,
You may to heaven’s highest heights be thrust.
The desire and dependence on alcohol,
Has created many an insanity’s brawl.
You have to hear your soul’s call,
And have faith in its judgement tall,
That alcohol can put your life to a complete stall.
You are not a piece of worthless ball,
That your body with intoxication you maul.
Hours you exercise so that your body stands fit and tall,
Then how can your mind reason that towards alcohol’s temptation you so easily fall?
If to your desires you are a slave, O bloke!
With a puff and a puff your life will soon vanish into a smoke.