Death Poetry


Death is for the body in every mole,
Not for the soul.
As my family, relatives and friends I leave,
My soul gets no benefit from them, how much ever they grieve.
But I see so many living who are actually dead,
In total shamelessness, not thanking God for his daily bread.
Without gratitude and a heart filled with pride,
They will surely go to hell, they are already dead.
O Lord! Let our death be one of the gates of Thy Mercifulness,
O Lord! Let our death be one of the keys of Thy Forgiveness.
Death is not an end,
Because our soul is on a journey on which God has send.
In death, how will your sins fend?
Your soul will need with it virtue to blend.
Don’t kill your spirit with lust,
How quickly we forget that in the grave we will be thrust!
Those who fear death,
Will not be able to prevent their shortness of breath.
Make goodness and charity your thread,
Feed the hungry some richly buttered bread.
Death’s fear is due to sins,
Don’t ignore this matter and let it hang on delicate pins.
The remembrance of death is wisdom,
Making provisions for the hereafter is a bountiful kingdom.
Your soul needs freedom,
From this corrupt stingdom.
Why should you be heedless towards death?
When death itself is not heedless towards you.
It is written in the scriptures wisdom,
That making correct provisions for the hereafter is
from this cycle, freedom.
Make struggle a part of your life,
Fill it with truth’s strife.
This is the way for a death glorious,
For God has destined a heaven full of bliss.