Courage Poetry


Courage is needed to conquer,
Strong is he who conquers his anger.
Let in service you devote your life,
Let in truth’s goal be your constant strife,
You need courage to make sacrifice as the motto of your life.
To speak truth you need courage.
To keep secrets and hide someone’s sins you need even more
To overcome your desires you need the most courage.
Courage means you fear none,
Except your Master, the Highest One.
Courage means that truth to you is the most dear,
Even when a pile of gold is kept to tempt you near.
To uphold rights, even against your own interest you speak,
Then even courage will your fearless company seek.
To conquer anger and hate,
You need to meet patience and forgiveness in a courageous state.
Courage is faith,
Found in humility’s state.
In beauty, make your life’s picture great,
Courage must be your natural trait.