Contentment Poetry


On this earth, God has sent,
The years of life he has lent.
Don’t let your greed, life’s true purpose dent,
Because God has for you an intent,
Thankfulness, Gratitude – “Man be content”.
Do you wish to be called a “voracious” beast?
Pouncing on every material feast.
No, never. Remember how the dough grows on simple yeast,
Happiness truly lies in being content with the least.
Your destiny is fed by God’s Hand,
Why do you wish to take credit for building golden castles
on this dusty sand?
If you make pride tall and stand,
If greed is your life’s brand,
Contentment will never find peace in your heart’s land.
Contentment is the greatest wealth,
A booster shot for your mental health.
You need a heart of rest,
In acceptance and submission fill your breast.
Contentment is a capital which will never diminish,
Drink from this pure spring, its freshness will never finish.
God’s Decree whether you like it or not,
But only through its willing acceptance can contentment be your lot.
The one who is content,
Will get peace as his reward for this intent.
In contentment and certitude lies life’s comfort,
In anger and doubt lies falsehood’s sorrowful effort.
In being content, lies honour from God,
Don’t let your greed make you face anxiety’s misery rod.
In not stretching out your hand of needs to others,
The restful peace and calmness in your heart furthers.
By your satisfaction with the bare necessities and even less,
You will enjoy a life which God will surely bless.
Lead a life simple and bland,
Lend to the poor a helping hand,
Even contentment when it sees you will call you “grand.”