Children Poetry


The joy of innocence,
Purity is their essence.
With their birth, happiness they bring,
Like a refreshing sparkling spring.
I have young two,
Fresh like the morning dew,
An experience new.
Give them oodles of love,
Their fragrance will be like clove.
Only with love and patience they understand,
On it the foundation of logic must stand.
Children are love and love,
Play with their joyful emotions, never shove.
Children are meant to play and break the glass,
Don’t kill them by the strict discipline in the class.
They don’t understand creed and class,
Only the language of kindness, only if we knew alas.
As they grow the reality of the world on them dawns,
Gently teach them morality and philosophy and make them yearn for
the heavenly lawns.
Every child is of this world is its future,
Verily with peace and wisdom this world they have to nurture.
O man! If you wish to again wear the attire of childhood’s innocence,
You will have to remove the mask of your corrupted desires essence.