Charity Poetry


Give to the poor,
A cure for many ailments, sure.
The suffering of the depressed,
Does not your heart get suppressed?
No food, no water,
O miser! With you what is the matter?
Give with your hand right,
Withholding from left the sight.
Flourish your livelihood,
With this deed so good.
With alms, purify your soul,
With raised palms, clarify your servile role.
When with poverty the poor die,
The rich God will try.
Then we will see who will cry!
From the wealth of the rich,
The poor have a right for their clothes
to stitch.
When you give,
The happier you live,
Defend your faith with charity’s help,
It will create in you a noble self.
What we get is a living,
A life is created by giving.
Don’t feel irritated when people ask
of you,
Don’t you wish for God’s Blessings to
be renewed fresh and new?
Service to man is service to God,
For your greed do you wish to face the
iron rod?
Do you want to give the needy more pity?
They need help, not any sympathy so
less worthy.
O God! How I wish forever to the
poor I give!
To earn Thy Pleasure is what for I live.
Do you want to deny even a little?
How shameless you are, O belittle!
When you give, nothing becomes less,
Have you forgotten God’s handsome
Giving, kindness, charity enhance
Do not doubt this brilliant decision.
In all the way will be honey, honey,
If in charity you give money, money,
Who said charity is only money?
A kind look, a kind word, a kind
thought is sweeter than honey.
Charity is also good deeds and good
In the manners of nobility, many of
your friends you must induct.
In generosity be safe, be sound,
The cycle of good always goes round.
Remove from your brothers’ path
hardship’s stone,
A hand of help will surely make your
soul bright and shone.
On the path of knowledge and wisdom
you give guidance,
Surely, this too is charity, faslehood’s
Changing a receiver to a giver is indeed
a charity truly great,
Teaching fishing and making
independent is also charity’s great trait.
In God’s Way don’t you want to give a
Purifying in your body every bone.
From dust we came,
To dust, our call will come,
Is there any use of the storage of
wealth’s greedy sum?
If you want to shine brighter for your
Then let charity be your goal.
O Lord! I wish to walk on
benevolence’s path,
And purify my soul with alm’s bath.
A life of giving is the only life worth
Make these words in your heart alive
and believing.
In charity, give of what you have the best,
Such giving is indeed handsomely
For the materialist also there is a
rewarding way,
The more you give, the more you get is
this not an established say?
When God is the giver,
Aim for His Joy to get more from His
Sins are debit, charity is credit,
Favouring your balance bit by bit.
Sins reduce wealth,
With charity increase your subsistences’
Justice is enhanced through
Poverty performs alleviation.
For the mind, learning is charity,
For the blind, seeing is charity.
Descends God’s Mercy on the
How fresh you feel, no need for mint!
Charity is light,
A powerful might.
O God! Let me not lose of this sight.
Whether it is day or night,
Charity is right.
Let your palms not be tight,
By God, you will soar to a great height.