Body Poetry


The body says –
“Slowly as my hair grays,
Numbered will be my days,
I need to follow truth’s ways,
Finally I will be lowered in the mud and lays”.
A body is mud without a soul,
A human is a dud without a goal.
So only when you act with good deed’s body,
Purity enters your soul’s body.
Your intellect needs knowledge’s sea,
Your body needs from this corrupt birth’s cycle free.
So whether you are a he,
Or a she,
It is in God’s decree,
That for man from his body his soul can be free,
And walk the perilous road towards salvation’s tree.
The body has little worth,
But still it can the soul hurt.
When it adorns sin’s skirt,
And shamelessly with the devil flirt,
This body of dirt,
Remains grounded with the soul on this earth.
Guard what you see, banish gossip from what you hear,
Goodness is the surest way to conquer uncertainty’s fear.
When the time for the soul to bid adieu to the body comes near,
Tears in worship, charity through hands and love on the tongue will
become dear.
When the soul is the best,
Work and duty become the body’s rest.
So through the virtuous action, the body is blessed,
The soul earns in this world even though it is a guest.
Your body needs water clean,
Your soul needs kindness’ sheen.
So O worker! earn eternal reward for your soul,
Through body’s intense work and strife, a fair recompose total and whole.