Beauty Poetry


Beauty indeed lies on peoples’ faces,
But it becomes grand when through virtue the heart it embraces.
A life of giving,
Is a manifestation of beauty living.
A warm smile,
Straightens a ruffled relationship’s treacherous mile.
Indeed beauty is a reflection of goodness’ style,
Its warmth lies in a friendly smile.
Don’t be fooled by the glamour of the body,
Or the temptresses’ clothes so gaudy,
Recognise this temptation so heady.
A perfectly chiselled face,
Indeed looks beautiful in a case.
But to adorn your soul with an artistic lace,
You will need a good deed’s brace.
Beauty may make your mind proud,
It may make you stand out in a crowd,
But wisdom says – “What use is this attention loud”?
If to the Lord you have not humbly bowed.
To say that you have led a life of beauty,
You will need to work your flock with duty.
The beauty of men is in their intelligence,
The duty of my pen is to gather you towards truth’s allegiance.