Anger Poetry

Its causes are complex,
Makes man’s muscle flex.
It can control and destroy you,
Making your friends far and few.
Do you use its trumpet as its blaster?
Or do you control it as your master?
Recognise it as your foe,
Knowledge about its destruction you should know.
Anger has destroyed every relationship,
Where anger rules, leave aside your friendship.
Know your virtues and by them live your life,
A sure remedy to prevent you from using anger’s knife.
Anger has no use,
Blow not your human fuse,
Why should you have to pay karma’s dues?
Rage is fire,
Its consequences are dire.
Your reputation you do not need to mire,
You need to control your ire.
Anger destroys comfort,
What is required is restraint’s effort.
Anger is the devil’s handle,
Don’t use it to feelings manhandle.
With forgiveness and love light your life’s candle,
You do not deserve to be dirtied with anger’s scandal.
Anger is falsified pride,
What an egoistic bride!
Let it in your heart hide,
It needs not your tongue to ride.
Your views are your views,
Their force in anger has created many an unhealthy news.
Anger eats your body, a deadly parasite
Cure it with tranquility’s might.
You need to be of your anger beware,
Start with understanding yourself, be aware.
Selfishness, haughtiness and belittling people are the cause of anger,
Verily to the soul it is its murder with a dagger.
Do not replay your hate,
It has already passed the danger date.
Anger is a helpless state,
Don’t let it sadden your fate.