Actions Poetry

It is through the nobility of your actions,
And the purity of your intentions,
That the soul dazzles with golden attractions.
Blessed is one whose inner thoughts are virtuous,
A precursor to actions courteous.
This life is fleeting,
The devil laughs with joy at your beating,
Making you a target of temptation’s cheating,
So guard your actions, give them a spiritual eating.
The recompose of an action is its intent,
Without this your action is fruitless, no content.
Action is crowned when it sits on the throne of knowledge,
So be a part of the scholarly emperors’ wisdom college.
Through moderation increase your livelihood,
Temperate your actions with these directions accurate and good.
A life of lazy ease and comfort without the strife of action,
Is worth not even a fraction.
So without delay act now!
Your life needs the seriousness of your brow.