Abstinence Poetry

If you exult at what you get,
And grieve at what you do not beget,
Then it is better that abstinence you forget.
In abstinence there is no pleasure or sorrow,
But only for doing duty from God there is time to borrow.
In abstinence, sins forget their spelling,
There is no need for repentances’ tears swelling.
It is wiser to abstain than to repent,
It is wiser on your actions, goodness to depend.
The world is full of attractions,
On the spiritual journey these are distractions.
You need self-control’s actions,
So that your good deeds are not reduced to fractions.
It is in your might for your desires to control,
Then why do you wish to with Satan take a stroll?
There is no faith without abstinence,
Kill your desires, speak only a relevant sentence.
In submission to desires, do you feel right in your skin?
Don’t you feel worthless and thin?
How I am blinded by these dark sights!
Only if I could foresee the heavenly lights.
Control and abstain from unlawful thoughts on every day and all the nights,
And armour your soul to take on the devilish fights.